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Treat yourself to a top-of-the-line layout designed for you by our team of engineers and professionals! To make your life easier during your expeditions, we offer you the most innovative technologies and materials available:

Lightweight, durable and stylish materials and coverings.
Intelligent and efficient lighting, heating and drinking water systems.

Basic layout from
$93 850
* Vehicle not included. Base price on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144.
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Let your imagination run wild! There are endless possibilities when it comes to configuring your vehicle. Whether your style is chic, classical or sporty, we will adapt the features and layout so that your Nav Camper meets your tastes and needs in every respect.

Nav Camper sur-mesure


  • Modular aluminum cabinets; depending on your needs, you can install these modules or simply leave them at home.
  • Removable bed; to make room for an open area in the back/front of the vehicle, you can easily remove the mattress and bed structure, allowing you to carry large objects or even put a motorbike in it.
  • Thought out and designed for convenience and practicality, a range of additional accessories are available to suit your needs: modular interior ski rack, various storage bags, aluminum bicycle rack to be installed as required, utility rails (l-tracks), etc.
  • Flexible layouts: it’s normal that your needs change over time! Nav Camper has created its layouts so that they can be modified later. Depending on your new plans, you can add batteries, extra lockers, bike racks, ski racks and even more windows!

Your NAV CAMPER is at your service, right down to the smallest detail.


  • Self-heating high-performance lithium batteries up to 800 ah. Safe, high energy capacity and reliable in all temperatures, you can even manage these batteries with a Bluetooth solar monitor.
  • 175 W solar panels allow you to be completely self-sufficient on solar power, no matter where you are. (Batteries can also be recharged via the vehicle’s alternator and, of course, via a connection to a ground electricity grid).
  • High efficiency diesel heating and air conditioning system that can operate in all seasons for homelike comfort.
  • Drinking water tank with a capacity of 90 to 200 L.

Enjoy total autonomy on your off-grid adventures!


  • “Smart” vehicles: with a tablet, you can quickly access the vehicle’s connected systems. Everything is at your fingertips: adjusting the interior lighting, draining the tanks or managing the electrical systems. You can also view the status of your fuel consumption, battery levels and fresh water tank levels.
  • With the Nav-connect app, you can quickly consult your user guide with information about recalls and maintenance of your converted vehicle.
  • A Starlink antenna ensures that you can connect to the Internet via satellite, no matter where you are.

Live your expedition to the full. Your Nav Camper takes care of the rest.